Association of Freelancers (AOF)

Association of Freelancers; Improve your Freelancing Career, "Save time, win more work and make life easier for yourself ".

Project Description

  The main scope of the project is to provide ease of work for the freelancers so they can manage their work, interact with one another and clients to find new work.

Project Description:
  Association of Freelancers (AOF) is one of the best platforms we have developed for interaction between freelancers and their clients. Its main goal is to speed up lengthy processes during freelancing and giving a helping hand to freelancers to find work in their quieter periods.
We have developed this website using PHP, Smarty, MySQL, JQuery and HTML5 Frameworks.
The main services that AOF provides are as following:
•    Job Search
•    Saved Jobs
•    Project Proposal Templates
•    Prospects
•    Teams
•    Time Tracker

•    Invoice Generator

  Another main feature of AOF is Learning and development. In this module user can search for videos, articles and other online courses of different related subjects to enhance their knowledge and to improve their skills.
  Job Search: 
  This feature of AOF provides the facility to search jobs for freelancer. User can search jobs by applying filters as per his/her requirements. User can search job by applying following filters.
•    Posted in Last (24 hours, 2 days or 7 days)

•    Pricing Type (fixed price, hourly price)

•    Job Source
•    Category

  After the user have searched for the  job all jobs will  be displayed according to the user’s desired filters after that user can save his/her desired job by clicking upon the save job button.
Saved Jobs:
  In saved jobs user can view all the jobs he has saved during searching of jobs. User can also delete the saved jobs if he no longer needs to deal with the specific jobs.

Proposal Template:
  Most freelancers/users have a standard proposal template that they can modify for particular jobs on the freelance sites. So, for that purpose in this module freelancer can add his/her standard proposal template and after that he can also modify it according to his desired job. User can also edit or delete the existing proposal template.
   In this module freelancer/user can maintain the data of their expected future clients to be. User can add clients Name, Email Address, Company Name, Phone Number, Website, Freelance website used, User name, dates spoken to , date contact again and notes. The main purpose of this module is to help freelancer to save and maintain the record of his future client to be in a place from where he can access his information and contact him for future projects.

   This is one of the most effective module of AOF . The main purpose of this is that user can add a team which can be any other company or freelancer for a specific project. So that they can work together for a smooth running of a project. These teams can interact with one and other and can pass their work to one another.

Invoice Creator:
  AOF has given a special feature to create invoice .User can create invoice by adding job description, price per hour and number of total hours by using this data invoice is being created which tells us the total cost. Its special feature is that user can also download the invoice in a PDF format.
  Other facilities which AOF provides are download resources, learning and development and to download e books.

How to Use?
  AOF  is a user friendly interface easy to use and apprehend .User can simply signup and make a profile after that User can login on AOF and enjoy its special services which are specially designed for a freelancer to make his/her work easy and to manage the tasks in a proper manner.
Project Outcomes:
  We have developed a responsive web application that serves to manage not only real-time Freelancing project information, but also to manage the client’s overall information and Team schedules as well. Through extensive amounts of user testing at least every other week, we received insightful feedback that helped us prioritize features and iterate upon our interface design. Our project is also designed to decrease user’s time spent on writing mass emails notifying its client and team, to gather the data of its clients, to send proposal templates to individual clients, to search or save the desired jobs, to manage the data of future clients (to be) and to generate invoices. In short AOF  is providing freelancers to work in an effective and efficient environment where they can work without any hesitation and also speed up their work by using AOF which is eliminating their time taking processes by providing extra useful features.

Year Creation : 2014
Client's Name : Daniel Hall
Technologies : XML| Core PHP| Jquery| HTML5| Smarty| Send Grid| AJAX| MYSQL
Category : CMS| Custom PHP| ELearning| Marketplace| Facebook Integration| Dashboards| Responsive| Website Crawler
Completion Time : 35 Days


Daniel Hall , Client of Project

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